Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes We can

Still trying to digest what happened yesterday and I think it will take some time. This is only the first step on a very long and arduous journey. We have a very difficult road ahead. It will take years and much sacrifice to begin to mend the damage done to our country and the world during the last eight years and only time will tell if the country has the fortitude and desire to make the journey.

There is much to celebrate this morning and also much to mourn. On the positive side, efforts to restrict a woman's freedom were properly shunned in Colorado and South Dakota. On the negative side, Proposition 2 in Florida and 8 in California were passed giving evidence that, in spite of the hope generated on the Presidential side, we, as a country, have a way to go when it comes to being a mature and socialized society. The Mormon church and the other hate filled people that so rabidly supported these measures should be ashamed. The people of Arkansas voted to ban gays from adoption and foster parenting. Why they think it is a good idea to keep love and support from children bereft of it is beyond me.

There is reason to hope this morning but there is also reason for pause. There is much to assess from the vote yesterday and the waves of change are just begun. The balance has shifted toward the light though and that is a good thing.

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