Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dangerous Game

President-elect Obama has indicated that he will leave the decision about what to do with Holy Joe up to the Senate and Harry Reid. That is probably as it should be. The "official" word from the Obama team is that they don't hold any grudges and would welcome anyone that wants to caucus with the Dems. My problem with Lieberman is that he has shown his stripes and they are not Democratic and they are not supportive of Obama. Joe Lieberman is a two-faced egomaniac who has demonstrated repeatedly that he has no of loyalty to the Democrats nor to Obama even after Obama supported him in the last election when he went rogue as an independent. I am pretty sure he won't show any gratitude or honor and the first chance he gets he will stab Obama in the back. If, Goddess forbid, they let him keep his poorly performing committee chair of Homeland Security he will be in a position to use his subpoena power to harrass Obama on behalf of his conservative fiends. Leave a rotten apple in the barrel and you have trouble. It's also a big mistake to keep him in the caucus where he will be privvy to the strategy and legislative tactics. I think it is time to give old Joe his walking papers. He is a mole for the Republican party pure and simple and he will be a lot more trouble than his sometimes progressive vote is worth.

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