Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pardon Me? No, Pardon You!

While I sit here and wait for the dev guys to figure out why "optimistic locking" on the database (I have no idea so don't ask) is preventing me from testing, I was reading around and the subject of Shrub's upcoming pardons has surfaced here and there and there was also the comment by someone on Obama's team that torture prosecutions probably won't happen.

So we know that a herd of pardons is coming down the pipe. This last 8 years has been so full of criminal acitvity that has gone unpunished you just know that the pardon list is long and distinguised. Any ideas? I think we all can agree that Darth Cheney and Rumsfeld are going to head the list--guaranteed. Probably a good bet that anyone and everyone involved in the torture we didn't do is pretty much guaranteed to be preemptively pardoned as well. Who else? Skooter Libby, Turdblossom Rove, maybe Ted Stevens? There are, of course, many others that could show up...Mark Foley, Abramoff? Both of those would be a little harder to swallow but don't put it past Bush. We know he is a mean and vengeful person and could give a crap whether what he does is morally right or wrong. The last two would cause even Bush some heartburn, but don't think they're not being considered. Oh, and let's not forget the old BugMan Tom Delay. Have any other candidates?

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