Sunday, November 30, 2008

Steamboat Bed

I promised PoP that I would post a picture of the finished product. Madam has finished her decorations at Bulloch Hall for the year. The theme for the Christmas decoration this year was "Christmas across the U.S.A." Madam's room is Memphis.
The room is Mittie Bulloch's bedroom and this year the bed was turned into a steamboat. With a little help from yours truly we created a paddle wheel from some plastic irrigation pipe and some foam core and a couple of smoke stacks from a cut in half concrete post form. There is a fan under the bed that makes the paddle wheel turn slowly. Nifty huh?
The rest of the room carries out the Memphis theme. Photos of BB King, WC handy, Elvis, and the Peabody Ducks are around as well as a clear pyramid and a little BBQ vignette.

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