Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still Testing

Sorry for the quiet around here but I am still very busy testing software. Not going well is the best I can say. Long days and lots of frustration. Should be over(one way or the other) this week and things can get back to normal. Not enjoying the commute everyday and definitely not enjoying sitting in a 15th floor conference room all day struggling with a very complicated application that really is not ready for "prime time". As is common in our industry pushing the 'bleeding edge' is fraught with disaster at every turn. The developers are starting to hate me and my ability to break stuff. They have yet to learn what I have in my nearly 40 years of doing this... that users will do things that don't necessarily make sense to a developer and this usually causes unexpected results. Today the system assigned the technician I am pretending to be a service call at a Burger King. Since I am also pretending to be the dispatcher I knew that there were existing trouble tickets for the same location and being the model of efficiency I manually added all the rest of the tickets to the tech's work schedule so that all the tickets could be handled at once. The application is supposed to do this automatically, it didn't, I did and it wasn't happy. I won't go into what happened when I used parts on a call that the system didn't think I had on the truck. Let's just say we are having fun. More tomorrow so it will remain relatively quiet here for another few days.

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