Friday, November 28, 2008

The Day After

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Like I said earlier it was just Madam and I this year but we had a nice traditional dinner in celebration of the day. Everything was good and the two of us barely made a dent in the meal. Lots of roasted chicken and dressing left over. One good thing is the dressing freezes well so that is one dish that I am ahead on for Christmas day. Since it is cornbread and sausage it will go nicely with the planned pork roast.
Only one minor flub in the fixings. I realized about halfway through baking that I neglected to put the sugar in the pumpkin pie which precipitated another round of pie making. The second was properly made and delicious. I have tried all kinds of recipes and to my mind the one on the Libby's can is still the best. That is if you use quality spices and a good crust. I will revert to my Southern roots for Christmas and make sweet potato pies for Christmas. Exactly the same recipe except roasted sweet potato instead of pumpkin though I have been known to add a dash of Jack Daniels to the mix.
Supposed to rain all weekend starting tonight so I have leaves to rake and get composting, radishes to thin, compost to turn, and other outdoor chores. It is already a glorious day and up to 53F already at 10am. One of the advantages of living in the South.
Everyone enjoy your leftovers today. I know am looking forward to my slice of pumpkin pie for lunch.

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