Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Starting In On the Meal

It's not going to a big deal this year at the Monk's. Madam has forbade the turkey, so it will be a small chicken. No family this year and just the two of us so a nice roasted chicken is the perfect size(and possibly my most favorite thing anyway). Just doing a Rosie the chicken and not the Poulet Rouge but it will be nice.
Just put my day old cornbread cubes and baguette cubes in the oven on dehydrate so they will be nice and crisp for my dressing tomorrow. Getting ready to do the pie crust for the pumpkin pie so it can rest overnight and I will chop the onions and celery for the dressing today to save time tomorrow. In a little bit I will put together my dough for the rolls so it can rise very slowly overnight in the fridge.

Oh! and enough of the small green tomatoes I harvested after the freeze are nicely ripe so I will have home grown tomatoes for Thanksgiving after all.

So the menu is going to be simple but traditional.

Local organic green beans in brown butter
Local organic sweet potatoes (see the recipe in the post down the page)
yeast rolls
sausage and cornbread dressing
roast organic, free range chicken
organic cranberry orange relish
pumpkin pie with whipped cream for desert

The wine will be a nice German Riesling that is yet to be selected though I may stray into Pinot territory or even a Gewurztraminer.

What's on your menu for Thanksgiving?

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