Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Don't Fall for the Trick

The NY Times is reporting something that is making me very nervous... Networks May Call Race Before Voting Is Complete :
At least one broadcast network and one Web site said Monday that they could foresee signaling to viewers early Tuesday evening which candidate appeared to have won the presidency, despite the unreliability of some early exit polls in the last presidential election.

A senior vice president of CBS News, Paul Friedman, said the prospects for Barack Obama or John McCain meeting the minimum threshold of electoral votes could be clear as soon as 8 p.m. — before polls in even New York and Rhode Island close, let alone those in Texas and California. At such a moment, determined from a combination of polling data and samples of actual votes, the network could share its preliminary projection with viewers, Mr. Friedman said.
Hello! This is just an under the table attempt at voter suppression so don't fall for the ruse. There are some very significant races that are very close and dependent on a large voter turnout especially from the Dems and Progressives. If the networks starting calling the race for the Dems early, even before polls close in some areas of the east much less the central and western states then that will encourage Democrats to give up and not make the effort to vote since it is a "done deal". Senate and House races will be affected by this, as will the tally to defeat disgusting ballot initiatives like Prop Hate(8) in California.

Don't fall for it! Ignore the preliminary results, whatever you hear, get to the polls and vote as if your single ballot could decide the election. Florida 2000 proves the value of a single vote!

We are in a fight for the future in this election, not just of the U.S. but of the world as we know it. Every single vote for Obama and the down ticket races for Democrats is a repudiation of the conservatism and policies of exclusion that have brought us to our knees. It is not enough for Obama to just win. We must reject the Republicans soundly and overwhelmingly. This is just the beginning of a fight to reclaim our country and our stature as a meaningful contributor to a better world and the battle will continue into 2012 and even beyond. If we are lucky enough to bring Obama to victory today the assult on his presidency will start in earnest just as it did for Clinton's. The Republican machine is already trying to cast doubt on the election and it will only get worse.

As an American the single best thing you can do to send a message to the dark and evil forces that want an Obama presidency to fail is to vote, no matter how long the lines. You must vote regardless of how the pundits call the election. Remember, the only chance the Republicans have of salvaging anything from this election is through voter suppression. They will do anything to keep you from voting, including making you think it is over and that your vote is no longer important to the outcome. Vote, no matter what is said or done before the polls are closed, vote no matter what.

Remember that every vote for Obama and the Democrats below him on the ballot is another nail in the coffin of the conservative cabal that has tortured our country for the last 8 years. Every vote for the change that our country and the world so badly needs is a repudiation of the dishonest and disastrous policies that have brought us to the painful point we are today.

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