Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Testing

Another busy day testing software today. Today is mostly trying to clear reported bugs that devopment reports as fixed. My least favorite job since you have to reproduce conditions exactly and that means some deep database diving. I also need to do the final validation of street level routing. This is a little more fun since you get to try and trick the system by putting adjoining service calls where there has to be navigation around water or other hazard and see if it gets calculated correctly. Today we will be having the service techs going back and forth between Sanibel Island and Naples and Tampa. Will see if the system takes the Causeway into consideration.
Anyhow, it will probably be a little quiet around here until we get this software turned over to the client.

BTW, it was the commute from hell yesterday. An hour and 20 minutes, 15.6 miles. Let's hope this morning is a little better.

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