Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another Try

It looks like the House Democrats are getting close on the the next Iraq bill:
House Democrats may push ahead this week with a new war spending bill that would provide money for combat operations through midsummer, with the rest of the funds sought by President Bush withheld until commanders in Iraq provide a report on conditions there.

Senior Democratic officials say the proposal, which is still being put together and could reach a floor vote by the week’s end, is an attempt to provide the Pentagon with the money it needs while keeping pressure on Mr. Bush over his conduct of the war.

The House leadership had made no final decision, but aides said Representative Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker, was leaning toward the approach, which was developed by Representatives David Obey of Wisconsin and John P. Murtha of Pennsylvania, two senior Democrats on the Appropriations Committee.

Congressional officials said that so far, the proposal had not met serious opposition from the party’s antiwar wing or from more moderate Democrats anxious about being accused of not financing the military.

It does not include the timeline for withdrawal that drew Mr. Bush’s veto of the initial $124 billion bill, but it would require a second vote by Congress to release the bulk of the money.
I am not to keen on the idea that it doesn't have a firm time line but I could be convinced that the second vote requirement for most of the money meets the criteria. If you haven't noticed the Republicans are panicking . They're running in circles and scream obscenities , but it looks like that are going to stand by George Bush for the moment. They all know the war is lost and was a mistake from the git go but they just don't have enough spine to step out there and say so. The Republicans know that Bush have never had a plan to deal with Iraq and that the Democrats do. If this upcoming bill is the best that can be had then at least we are giving the Republicans another opportunity to stand up and declare their support for Bush. We need to do this over and over until we have soldiers coming home for good.

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