Friday, May 18, 2007

No Middle Way

I am really disappointed that the Democratic leadership is weakening on the timetables for Iraq. This is not a good sign and the exact opposite of what needs to happen. It doesn't seem to matter though as it is apparent that Bush will not accept anything less than complete surrender and a blank check from Congress. Bush and company, weak souled and spineless bastards that they are, think that negotiation is a sign of weakness and therefore will only settle for complete conciliation from the Democrats.

The Democrats tell Bush that the timetables they were going to include in the legislation - supposedly the part of the legislation that Bush doesn't like - will only be optional and that Bush can waive them at any time. This, of course, makes them meaningless but Bush still said no!

This is a major concession on the part of the Dems and one that frankly makes me pretty irritated. The reality is that Bush doesn't care about changing course. To change course would be to admit that he is and has been wrong all along and that is something his warped ego will not permit. He is the war president and the decider. He is the tough guy and anything that threatens that sick reality is not to be allowed. It is only thousands and thousands of lives after all.

Bush's rejection of this frankly cowardly offer should tell everyone that meeting Bush part way will never work and that the only solution is the drastic one. Remove funding except for withdrawal immediately and de-authorize the AUMF.

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