Thursday, May 10, 2007

Call for Calls

This from AmericaBlog

The House will vote today on the next Iraq bill. This should be the next bill to rein in George Bush. This should not be a bill that gives Bush a blank check to continue his disastrous war.

The Republicans are going to try a procedural trick to weaken the bill. Democrats cannot enable the GOP games. John explained the games -- and the consequences -- last night:
Yes, while the Republican leaders of the House and Senate are publicly claiming that they won't give Bush a blank check, they're maneuvering behind the scenes to do just that. And while Republican members of Congress are supposedly laying down the law for Bush in private meetings, on the House floor they're going to give Bush everything he wants and needs to continue the war indefinitely.

If that happens, then we need to hang this war, and hang every lost life and every wasted dollar, around the neck of every Republican and conservative Democrat who betrays our troops and our country tomorrow.

Please call your member of Congress and raise unholy hell. Tell them that they'd better vote against giving Bush a blank check when the Iraq supplemental comes up for a vote tomorrow. You can call now and leave a message on their machines. You can find your rep via the House Web site, use the zip code box in the upper left hand corner to find your rep.
The key votes will be:
H.R. 2237 is Rep. McGovern's bill to mandate the redeployment of most American forces from Iraq. This bill deserves a YES.

The "Blank Check" vote will be on a Republican procedural gimmick called a "motion to recommit" from Rep. David Dreier, which would provide funds for the war with NO conditions. No Blank Check. Vote No on the Dreier Motion. Any Democrat who votes for this motion is voting to give Bush a blank check -- with NO accountability.

H.R. 2206 is the final vote on the Iraq Supplemental war funding bill.
The main number for the U.S. House of Representatives is: 202 224-3121. Members need to hear that they cannot give Bush a blank check for Iraq. Enough already.

If you can find sometime today to call your representatives in Congress and let them know you do support the continued funding of the mess in Iraq without strict accountability for George Bush it would be great.

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