Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day finds us still at the precipice of failure as a nation, at least as far as our founding fathers envisioned and so many of us believe. We are a nation at war, an unprovoked war, that has done nothing positive for the future of mankind. We have only killed and hurt both our own and countless others. Our own soldiers that have fallen and been maimed in this unnecessary conflict deserve our utmost gratitude and reverence for the sacrifice they have made. Their sacrifice is pure and moral regardless of the impurity and immorality of the conflict that has claimed them. Their sacrifice is no less than that of all the other brave men and women who have laid their lives down before.

We are a nation betrayed. First, by George W. Bush and minions who have taken the tragedy of 9/11 and twisted it in fear to attack Iraq unjustly and who continue to use the blood and resources of our country in a needless war. They will never be forgiven. Secondly, we have been betrayed by our Democratic Congress, who have taken the "will of the people" and wasted it out of fear and political ambition. The country asked them to lead us away from war and yet they have betrayed us. Their sin is no less than that of George Bush's.

We need to take this Memorial Day and all that it stands for and use the energy and passion of our gratitude and remembrance to redouble out efforts to resurrect the majesty that once possessed this country. We need to redouble our efforts to effect change. We are betrayed but not beaten. The best you can do to honor those that have sacrificed for this country and the ideals that founded it is to put every effort into making sure that those that have betrayed our trust are not allowed to do so again.

Our leadership is not listening to us but we will be heard.

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