Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Night Pain

Okay, I have the frame built for my tomato and pepper bed. It took me about 6 hours this afternoon to get it all together but it is done. The biggest issue was the slope of the area where I have decided to put it. The change in elevation is about a foot over the 8 foot span so the first course of landscape timbers took a couple of hours. The other three courses were snap after I got the first one in and level. I now have an 8'x8' box of landscape timbers all ready for dirt.

My years of non gardening are showing this evening in the aches and pains. No matter how much exercise you think you get it does not work the same muscles you use with a shovel and hoe. the bending and lifting from today's construction project are letting me know tonight. tomorrow the task is to fill the frame with about a 100 cubic ft of dirt and we are ready to plant tomatoes and peppers.

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