Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Planning Ahead

Requiring all of our new customers over the last couple of years to allow us remote access to our system and database or better yet hosting the application for the customer is paying off big time right now. I am working three accounts this week and not having to travel (which wastes a lot of time that would otherwise be productive and more importantly billable). I am effectively about 2.5 people for work stuff and also able to say at home and do the helpmate thing for Madam.
Even not having to commute to the office (I have an SSL VPN) actually probably adds a day to my productivity and really saves on the stress not too mention the gasoline ($2.89/g today in Atlanta) saved. Not having to travel to the client's location and not having to commute into the office is probably gaining me 3 days worth of time. This is good.

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