Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Compromise What?

Updated below:

Last night, an AP story reported that President Bush is now willing to sit down with Democrats to discuss a “compromise” on the next Iraq supplemental appropriations bill. The bill the Congress will presumably send him after he vetoes the one they just passed that fully funds the troops. He's not saying how he’d compromise, and since he has ruled out a timetable for withdrawal we can only speculate as to what Bush would give up.

Things seem to be changing in Washington but not nearly fast enough for my taste. Republican’s are threatening to turn against the war by September. If we use the April death toll as our benchmark of 104 soldiers losing their lives then by September 400 plus more will have sacrificed themselves for nothing. How do the Republicans, who continue to back their failed, incompetent President and his despicable Vice President, rationalize these casualty forecasts; what do they think could happen by September that could possibly justify these hundreds of lives before they they finally ask Bush for accountability?

To restate a previous post. I think the time has come to pull the plug on this disaster once and for all. If Bush vetoes the current supplemental spending bill then don't compromise on anything just pull the plug.

Update: Thanks to Jim DeRosa at DeRosaWorld I see that the Iraq Parliament is going to take a couple of months of vacation. This just adds to the absurdity of staying in Iraq any longer than it takes to get everybody the hell out. By getting everybody out I mean our troops in uniform. The contractors that have been profiting so handsomely from this adventure can figure out how to use some of their blood money to get their own asses out.

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