Saturday, May 19, 2007

Farmer's Market

Been out this morning to the local farmer's market. Still early in the growing season so really not a lot available. Bought some nice fat local spring onions for roasting tonight and a glorious bunch of bright green local lettuce. I also bought some Florida green tomatoes for you know what. I also finally found a potted Tiny Tim tomato plant that I have been searching for. If you aren't familiar with this variety it is an heirloom cherry tomato that is very early(this one already has a dozen little green tomatoes on it) that stays nice and compact and can be very successfully grown on a patio in a nice pot. I am on my way to Home Despot to get a big clay pot and a bag of organic potting mix for it.
I hope everyone has something nice planned for the weekend even if it is only chilling out and reading a good book. The weather here in Atlanta is unseasonably cool (51 this morning) but clear and rain free. We are officially in a drought already and it is only May.

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