Tuesday, May 15, 2007


The park where I try and take my walk everyday is consumed with blooming honeysuckle. It is along a great percentage of the trail and right now it is in full glory. The perfume from the flowers is overpowering in places. We Southern boys don't really acknowledge the change to spring until we can smell honeysuckle.

As with many smells it triggers childhood memories. I used to spend hours pulling the flowers apart ever so gently trying to capture the minute drop of nectar that might sweeten the end. It is sobering to think of how much simpler life was in those days. Your big trial for the day was how much nectar you could get from the honeysuckle. Today the world is teetering on the edge of complete destruction and on any given day the thought of a tiny drop of honeysuckle nectar is almost incomprehensible in comparison to today's challenges. Then again honeysuckle nectar may a good measure for how well out stewardship is progressing.

How diminished will we be when the honeysuckle doesn't bloom anymore?

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