Thursday, May 24, 2007


I've got emails and I've got snail mail from Democrats wanting my support. Everyone from Boxer to Kerry and Obama, Hillary and Edwards. Hell I even have a plea from Byrd.

Here is the 411 folks.

If you don't vote NO on the supplemental spending bill that contains no time lines and no accountability for the carnage and disaster in Iraq then save your fucking postage. There are no excuses I will accept for giving Bush another blank check for murdering more of my fellow Americans in Iraq.
If you can't show me a spotless record on opposition to the occupation of Iraq then do not expect my support.
I am so disgusted with the Democratic "leadership" I could spit.

What I realize now is that all of the support I funneled to Blue America and others should have come with a refund clause. If you don't perform then I get my money back. It is the way I have to do business and it insures that I perform. I get no second chances that don't cost me a lot of money.

Damn it to hell I am not happy and don't think I will forget the failures.

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