Thursday, May 17, 2007

Even Blind Squirrels

The light is coming on(or going out) for more and more people. From Editor and Publisher. It just must be that some of us are quicker to figure it out than others. What do you think the trigger was? Interesting comparison between Dems and Rethugs as well. Must be that some of the Repubs have a lower tolerance for Kool-Aid addiction than some.

NEW YORK What's going on? Gallup reports today a sudden plunge in its regular "satisfaction" index. Only 25% of Americans now say they satisfied with the state of their country -- down 8% in just one month -- and one of the lowest ever measured.

"The current 25% satisfaction level is very low by historical standards," Gallup explained. "Since Gallup first asked this question in 1979, the average percentage of Americans saying they are satisfied with conditions in the country is 43%."

Iraq continues to weigh the most on minds. "Even though skyrocketing gas prices may contribute to the public's sour mood this month," the organization revealed, "the issue is not mentioned by an especially high percentage of Americans as the nation's top problem."

The latest poll finds 45% of Republicans saying they are satisfied, compared with only 12% of Democrats. Over the past month, satisfaction fell more among Democrats, suggesting that some of them may be souring on their party's actions or inactions in Congress.

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