Monday, December 28, 2009

2010 Might be Better

In my Internet wanderings this morning it appears that the Democrats may actually have a better 2010 than I previously thought. If they can avoid their typical attack of political timidity and insane 'hunt for bipartisan love' that normally affects them in election years then the GOP is going to make it a good year judging from the insanity that was spewed this weekend. It was full of weirdly twisted logic, fractured history and outright lies and is a sure indication that the Republicans are suffering from a serious lack of ideas and organization and very much 'not ready for prime time'. Here is just some of the seriously strange stuff that came out of GOP pie holes...
According to Mary Matalin. Shrub inherited 9/11 from Bill Clinton and the employment numbers actually improved in his first year. The first assertion is insane and the second is an outright lie.
Good old political has been Newt Gingrich was on fire this weekend and was in his usual excellent crap slinging form. Among other things he insisted that President Obama has refused to work with the Republicans this year and what's more the GOP should respond with a 'positive alternative vision' which would be to run on repealing health care reform. That's a sure winner if I ever saw one.
Mitch McConnell, not to be outdone by a has been like Newt, insisted that the GOP was right to oppose President Obama on every issue and especially health care reform which meant that they were being bipartisan. You figure it out.
Last but not least, Jim DeMint declared health care reform unconstitutional but won't commit to filing a lawsuit against it.

If the Repubs think running on a platform of repealing health reform, even the seriously flawed reform that is likely to come out of reconciliation, then they are more deluded than I thought. People want constructive ideas and want positive change. If the Dems can do more in the next 12 months  with respect to enacting progressive legislation then they will continue to hold sway.

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