Thursday, December 24, 2009

OK it's Officially The Christmas Season

The big double batch of Chex Party Mix (Nut&Bolts in my family) is in the big Tupperware container so we can declare it 'officially Christmas'. I usually do a lot more baking for the holidays but it just didn't happen this year but the 'Party Mix' is a must have. Mine is always 'kicked up' a notch since I increase the seasoning and butter by about 50% and also add a wee bit of cayenne pepper.
We are going to Minimonks for Christmas Day (she is on duty for Christmas Eve) and rumor has it that we are going to have steak on the grill. There was talk of going to see Avatar as well but the first showing is not until 3pm on Christmas Day so that will just have to wait for another day. Now if the 'frog strangling' rain predicted for tonight and tomorrow morning will clear out of the way in time we are go for Christmas.

All you guys have a Merry Christmas and a safe one to boot. Careful about how much brandy gets into the egg nog and all that.

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