Thursday, December 24, 2009

Down the Bunny Hole

Well the Senate passed its version of health care reform. Its a very bad bill on balance but all I can say is that there is a chance it canned be improved in reconciliation. Let's hope so. Until we do know what is in a bill that the President signs I can't get too excited. My gut feeling is that the millions the lobbyists from the the private health care industry spent did the job and we got a pig in a poke. I am disappointed that there is no real competition for private health insurance created and I think this is going to add to the strength and entrenchment of for profit health care. A lot of people are going to find paying for crap insurance a real irritant...especially yours truly. Once the reconciliation is complete and the President signs something we'll get a chance to see how far into Wonderland we have been taken by the pawns of big insurance and big Pharma.

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