Saturday, December 19, 2009

No Snow --Thank Goodness

Thank goodness the snow is well north of us here in Atlanta. I just talked to my Mom in far Western Virginia (Narrows) and they already have a foot and a half and it is still coming down hard.

Madam and I have a dinner party for some friends tonight and snow would have been a real pain. I don't care to cook all day and have no one show up. We are just a little cold and damp from all of the rain yesterday.
The menu for tonight is butterflied and rolled pork loin stuffed with a saute of leeks and fennel. Roasted butternut squash with honey and cumin, haricot vert, fresh rolls and a French apple tart for dessert. California (Fetzer) Gewurztraminer is the wine selected. Should be nice for a cold fall night.

Oh! the recipe for the pork loin can be found here... it's from Ina Garten.

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