Monday, December 14, 2009

Not A Good Monday

After a really nasty weekend of rain and cold and fog, Monday is shaping up to be a real pisser!

So far this morning it seems that the Climate talks in Copenhagen are in the shits with developing countries pulling the plug on negotiations with the big boys. Doesn't look good for any substantive progress.

The HCR process in the Senate has gone from bad to worse as Smokin' Joe continues is campaign to piss on anything progressive and punish all the damn liberals who wouldn't kiss is slippers in the last election.

Frankly speaking, I am beginning to believe that Gregg Levine is correct about the Senate health care reform. If what we wind up with after the Senate gets through is what it looks like now then we had just better forget the whole thing and walk away. What is developing as this country's effort at fixing our health care woes is a lot like 'burning down the village to lose the rats'.

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