Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and that Santa was kind. Madam and I had a nice afternoon with minimonk and her gaggle of hounds. Mr. minimonk was still trying to shake a bad cold but did a great job on some very nice rib eye's in spite of it.  Nice meal and shared time with plenty of dog petting. Today is Boxing Day when the contents of the alms box are distributed by the nobles to their serfs.  Cold day here in Atlanta and still very damp from all the rain so not much going on outdoors. I imagine Madam will fly into de-decorating with a vengeance so I will probably get pulled into the effort.
If you are traveling do so with care as roads in lots of the country are bad news. If you are going by plane expect some increased hassles due to the terrorist attempt in Detroit.
If you are not traveling try not to clean up all the Christmas goodies in one day.

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