Friday, November 04, 2005

Brilliant Idea

The Rethuglican Chair of the House Armed Services Committee, Duncan Hunter, wants to spend 8 billion dollars to build a 2000-mile fence between the United States and Mexico:
Mr Hunter's plan for the fence envisages a dual-layer construction equipped with electric sensors stretching from the Pacific Ocean across to the Gulf of Mexico.

The events of 9/11 convinced him that his plan was necessary, Mr. Hunter said:
He said that the lessons of 11 September 2001 taught Americans that immigration was a national issue that required national solutions.

This plan is brilliant, an inspired GOP stroke of genius. How else were we going to use some of that 54 billion dollars we have stripped from food stamps,Medicaid, student loans, agriculture subsidies and child support enforcement? Hell we can probably fund the whole thing from the money we are stripping out of Medicaid and Medicare.

Now that you mention it, and with all that money we will have, we should just go ahead and build a fence across the Canadian border as well. Those Canadians are just as likely to be hiding terroists and other people who don't like us. Don't forget that Canadians are just as capable of taking good jobs aways from Americans as the Mexicans are. Damn straight.
The fence across the Canadian border would have one more big benefit and that would be to keep those cowards that don't want to fight for the democracy in Iraq down here in the lower 48 where we can get to them.

I like it! It's direct and forceful. Guaranteed to keep out foreigners. Create some jobs. What's not to like?

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