Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Wine Adventure

Off for an adventure this afternoon. Going up just north of Dahlonega, Georgia to Wolf Mountain Vineyards for a special wild game dinner and wine tasting. The menu is supposed to include Buffalo Chili, Grilled Quail, Rabbit Stew, Venison Sausage and Exotic Mushroom Strudel. I've tasted the wines and they are quite nice. The other vineyards here in Georgia produce a mixed bag of wines, some good and some not so nice, but everything I have tried from Wolf Mountain has been good.

The owner and founder of the winery is a long time acquaintance and this has been a decade plus long project for him and a partner. It looks like it might be successful. Looks like it will rain but there is something refreshing about the North Georgia mountains even with less than ideal weather.

This was supposed to be a little treat for our English friends who have had to delay their visit but we found another couple that thought it sounded like fun so we're off.

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