Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pile On!

ME in the comments over at Firedoglake has started a media campaign and I think it is an excellent idea. I will do my part tonight after I finish the day with the client. Below is the complete text of the comment over at Firedoglake. If any of you have some time and participate in any part of the campaign it will help. There is "blood in the water' and we cannot allow the MSM or the Bush Cabal to stifle the momentum.

I have been working today on getting the message out. It's a lot of work, but it is worth it. I have collected some MSM and right wing media emails, and some direct links to online forms.

I have been using the statement from Senator Reid as the base text. I have been adding a header with a comment/opinion, pasting in the text, then putting my full name, addy, and phone at the end. The Reid text can be copied from the link below: #152806

Below are two on-line forms for USA Today and the Christian Science Monitor: type=18

List of valid email addresses:

Please take time and complete the "No More Pardons" form to be presented by the Hon. John Conyers if you have not already done so: 7D

You should also take a minute and contact your local and state representives. I have been sending them all the same message: co...enators_cfm.cfm

Some Senators need special attention (ADD/ADHD kids ya know, they don't want to hear)

Bill Frist:

Pat Roberts: mail_pat.html

Rick Santorum: conta...contactform.cfm

(add you favorite gooper target here)

And then the good guys, send em some love ;)

"Give em hell Harry" Reid:

Richard Durbin did a great job today:

I am going to be reposting this on a fairly regular basis... Please don't get upset. Everybody should take a few minutes (or more) and help get the message out. You can't expect government to work from the top down, and this message will have to be _beaten_ into the MSM. It's up to us.

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