Monday, November 28, 2005

Inauspicious start

The week is not starting out too well. Just got to the airport for my 945 PM flight and it has been delayed until 11. If things don't get any worse I may be able to crawl into bed in Sunnyvale by 3 am. The joys of holiday travel. The Atlanta airport is a zoo. Oh well, nothing to do but watch the people. You can sure tell who is not a regular traveler by how much crap they haul with them and the kind of zombie look they have. I hope everyone gets a good nights rest. Loads of fun here.
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Update: Tuesday Morning 10am PST

It got worse. Didn't leave Atlanta until 0020...mostly due to weather. Finally got to SFO at 0220 local time. By the time I got the rental car and drove to Sunnyvale it was 0330. In bed by 0345 and at the client by 0900 this morning but tired. One good thing about having to hang out in the Crown Room for so long is that I got a chance to meet Wolfgang Puck. He was on his way home after the grand opening f the new Aquarium. His company(s) are doing the catering for it. Seems like a nice guy and was very friendly though he was obviously tired and just as cranky about the delays getting out as everyone else. A little lagniappe after an otherwise miserable travel day.

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