Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Hits Keep Coming

Just in case the last post wasn't sobering enough then take a look at the disheartening account of the death of a prisoner in Iraq at the hand of Americans by Jane Mayer in the New Yorker. Here is just snippet.

Jamadi’s bruises, [a forensic pathologist who examined the case records] said, were no doubt painful, but they were not life-threatening. Baden went on, “He also had injuries to his ribs. You don’t die from broken ribs. But if he had been hung up in this way [with his hands tied behind him in a painful position known as a "Palestinian Hanging"] and had broken ribs, that’s different.” In his judgment, “asphyxia is what he died from—as in a crucifixion.”
I guess this is why Cheney is pushing so hard to exempt his boys from McCain's torture retrictions. Maybe Cheney is channeling Pontius Pilate? Maybe they think crucifixion is OK since it is in the Bible?

The bad dream continues.

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