Thursday, November 17, 2005

Evidence of Desperation

Josh Marshall is making a very important point this morning that bears repeating. Despite the absurdity of their arguments with respect to the run up to the Iraq debacle the Whitehouse is now backed into a corner with a great majority of Americans now convinced that they have been lied to and that invading Iraq was a huge mistake. All that is left to them is that 30 - 40% of people who are obviously not capable of anything resembling coherent thought. You know, the Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to market, wrestling on TV is real, Bud is beer crowd. The Whitehouse is just trying to get them worked up and give them some talking points. It doesn't matter to this crowd that the words they utter bear no semblance of truth or reality...they just need something to say to the "I told you so" crowd. Anything will do. We just need to take every opportunity to keep them silent and make them feel stupid for regurgitating the Whitehouse spin and the silence will soon win out.

Here is the essence from Josh:

Virtually all of the arguments the White House is now advancing are transparently ridiculous on their face to anyone who has closely followed this evolving debate over the last three years.

But that doesn't matter. The White House doesn't need to win any debates. What they need is for their core supporters to have something to say. Anything. And to be able to say it loudly. The one thing that would be fatal for the White House from its defenders would be silence

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