Wednesday, November 30, 2005

No More Theatre

Tonight while cruising the blog world that I have time to peruse I haven't found anyone that has anything positive to say about the Bush speech this morning in front of another captive audience. Granted I don't visit the whack sites like Clownhall etc. but even the more centrist sites have nothing good to say.
I think Bush needs a new schtick. The problem is that the 'people' have figured out that he is just mouthing the words submitted by some speech writer and there is no sense that what he is saying is what he would say if he were using his own, unscripted words. In other words...he is not coming across as sincere.
I have an idea, that he can have for free, that will convince at least some of the people that he actually understands the import and ramifications of his words and actions.
When Bush steps up to the podium and before he opens his prepared speech he should look the audience/camera and recite from memory the names and hometowns of the last 20 American soldiers to die in his elective war on Iraq. This might convince enough people that he actually cared about those lost in his war and actually had spent some time internalizing the losses we are suffering.
Note that I say 'his' war instead of 'the' war or 'our' war. The polls reflect the American feelings toward this adventure and they are telling us that we are tired of the losses and lack of direction and that it is time to get the hell out as soon as we can do it consistent with minimizing losses.
The net of this rather ranbling post is that I am tired of the SOS(same old shit) and I don't want to see any more empty rhetoric. I want to see committment and resolve to reduce our force in Iraq consistent with good military strategy. I don't want to hear anymore theatre about embolding the enemy or building a democracy in Iraq.


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