Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Where Do I Sign Up?

Please, Please Karl can I be on your list? I know I am probably too small a fish to be on the list but I would like to sign up if that's possible. It really would mean a lot.

Via Capitol Hill Blue
White House keeps dossiers on more than 10,000 'political enemies'
Spurred by paranoia and aided by the USA Patriot Act, the Bush Administration has compiled dossiers on more than 10,000 Americans it considers political enemies and uses those files to wage war on those who disagree with its policies.The “enemies list” dates back to Bush’s days as governor of Texas and can be accessed by senior administration officials in an instant for use in campaigns to discredit those who speak out against administration policies or acts of the President.
Those on the list include former Ambassador Joseph Wilson and his wife, former covert CIA operative Valarie Plame, along with filmmaker and administration critic Michael Moore, Senators like California’s Barbara Boxer, media figures like liberal writer Joe Conason and left-wing bloggers like Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga (the Daily Kos)
Update: I see in my rush to get this posted I neglected to credit Susie at Suburban Guerrilla for pointing this out. My most humble apologies.

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