Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Thoughtful Voices

Got some sad news when I checked on the Adgitadiaries blog this morning. MandT have decided to end their contibutions to the blogospehere. While I am not privy to their reasons for going quiet I am sure they are reasoned and sincere.
They have been a regular visitor and contributor to the comments and I appreciated all the input. I hope they continue to stop by and contribute but if nothing else let us all know how they are doing.

While we haven't been as diligent in supporting them as we should have been we are very sad to hear that their thoughful and meaningful contributions will end. I just want them to know that if they feel the urge to blog this space will always be available. An email is all that is required [the.fallenmonk at gmail dot com].

Additionally, I would love to have an email contact as well and if they would share that at the above email I would be most honored and I will reciprocate with my "real life" email.

Here is hoping that they reconsider their decision to go silent and we get the opportunity to hear from them via some vehicle.

Much Love and Peace guys.

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