Monday, November 14, 2005

Going Somewhere

Spoke too soon!. Getting launched to the wilds of Tennessee tomorrow for an overnight. Some client meetings. Have to fly to Memphis and then drive to the central part of the state around Jackson. Very strange travel day evidently... no coach seats on any plane to Memphis tomorrow or coming back Wednesday... had to book first class. It's the price they pay for short notice trips or it could be a plot by the airlines to make you pay out of the nose if you have to book for next day travel. They know they have you and can squeeze all they want. Stranger still was Hertz had no cars available in Memphis tomorrow. I believe that is the first time I have been told that there were no cars available. Did find hotel rooms in Jackson on the first try so maybe it is a local Memphis thing. Maybe something going on I am not privy to? Is Elvis coming back?

Anyhow, so much for my week of non travel.

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