Friday, November 11, 2005

Escaped Again

Fallenmonk has once again escaped from the evildoers in Gropinator land. This time via the highly suspect San Jose airport. I thought I had been spotted when our first approach to Atlanta was waved off at the last moment but they were evidently after someone else as I made it through baggage claim and to the off airport parking without incident. I then managed to lose myself and my sanity in the 5pm Friday afternoon traffic in Atlanta.
I see I missed another day of Bush lying and trying to scare the rest of the country into continuing to support his war. Note that it is "his war" now and not "our" war or the war. Always remember to call it by it's proper name. It's "His War".
He is really getting good at lying isn't he? No hesitation and a firm set to the jaw as if he almost believes this drek himself. His writers have latched on the half truth ploy. Tell some of the truth but not all and defininetly not anything that would dispute your underlying prejudices.
Yes, everybody saw the NIE but not everybofy saw both the good and the bad parts. You know, the intelligence that questions or negated the stuff used to justify the invasion. What a maroon!

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