Monday, November 14, 2005

Going Nowhere

For the first time in several months I am looking at two weeks straight of no travel. My engagement for the week was cancelled and nothing else was on the burner so here I am. Next week I had scheduled vacation for the first 3 days and Thanksgiving takes care of the rest.

Originally friends from the UK were coming for a stay and we were to take them to Cumberland Island for a day and then on to St. Augustine for the holiday. Nothing special...just relaxing and beach and some downtime. A family emergency put their trip on hold so we are now at ends as to what to do. Mom has made other plans for the holiday, since we were not going to be coming home, so that is out too. Might be a very quiet holiday unless something pops up and there is something to be said for that as well.

I've got plenty to keep me occupied however, so don't worry that I might go cabin crazy. If it doesn't get too cold I might actually get some golf in as well. Right now they are predicting 71 today in the Atlanta area and for November that is nice. I love this time of year anyway and this kind of weather makes it even better. It doesn't have to get cold at all and I will be happy. The heating bills are going to be bad enough as it is. I am just glad I live this far south and am not having to look forward to a full blown winter with snow and week upon week of freezing weather.

Hope everyone has a great Monday. I guess Dubya is off to the far east to piss those guys off too. I will be interesting to see how badly he steps on his crank this trip.

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