Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bad Burger

The Monk's Mom called tonight in a tizzy about the 10 pounds of burger she bought yesterday. She evidently caught a drive by from FAUX News and was concerned. I reassured her that the ground beef she bought from Wade's market(where they grind their own) was perfectly safe especially if you cooked it. She said she had already made chili out of three pounds and did I think it was ok to eat. Yes Mom it is in chili) kills e-coli so you are gold. You bought this at Wades so this is really not a local problem for you. The burger involved is from Nebraska and is labeled organic. You are cool.
Then she started in praising Wal-Mart for lowering drug costs. I said "great Mom say good bye to your local pharmacy" and God forbid you need some drug that Wal-Mart has decided not to stock. It glided across her like nothing and she asked if I knew when Wally World would start selling all drugs for $4.00 a prescription. No Mom I don't...thank you.

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