Saturday, October 14, 2006

Is Bush Picking a Fight with Iran?

If you want to be depressed today then jump over and read this article by Chris Hedges on Alternet.

The aircraft carrier Eisenhower, accompanied by the guided-missile cruiser USS Anzio, guided-missile destroyer USS Ramage, guided-missile destroyer USS Mason and the fast-attack submarine USS Newport News, is, as I write, making its way to the Straits of Hormuz off Iran. The ships will be in place to strike Iran by the end of the month. It may be a bluff. It may be a feint. It may be a simple show of American power. But I doubt it.

Rove promised us an October surprise and these assholes are just crazy enough to do it.

Please, please let us get some sane people in the Whitehouse and fast.

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