Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fear of Gay Bashing?

They really don't have much respect for our intelligence do they? Of all the silly excuses for not dealing with Mark Foley sooner the silliest by far is the following..

Tony Perkins of Dobson's Family Research Counsel was on CNN earlier and I think we are hearing the contours of the Christian Right's argument. They are going with Newt Gingrich's formulation: Poor Denny was afraid of being called a gay basher so he didn't say anything.

This is from the party that has made gay-bashing a centerpiece of its reelection strategy. You have to admire their nerve.

Digby notes:

Since when has the GOP been afraid to be called homophobic or gay bashers? They positively revel in it. In fact, just a couple of months ago 202 Republican House members voted for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. (It failed to get the required 2/3rds for passage.) Somehow, I don't think the Republicans are quaking in their boots at being called anti-gay.

And if they were so afraid of being called anti-gay that they allowed a 52 year old congressman to stalk 16 year old boys on the internet, then they are much too timorous to be running the government. These guys are charged with making laws and running wars, for gawd's sake.

These guys really should just try and kill this rapidly by getting rid of Hastert quickly as even the Washington Times is recommending. They really need to get this off the front pages ASAP.

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