Friday, October 13, 2006

Beans and Cornbread

Fallenmonk is back in Atlanta and enjoying a crisp cool day. Gotta run into the office to try and get someone more expert to look at the laptop as I cannot get my application to talk to SQL server. I have run out of ideas. Always something when you change computers. Otherwise I am enjoying the new gear which a is new Dell Latitude 620 with dual processors and a whopping lot of memory and a blistering hard drive. It is nice when you have such large data intensive apps as I do.

In honor of the cool change in the weather I have started a pot of pinto beans cooking this morning in the slow cooker. Cooking them the old fashioned way with just some onion, garlic, bay and salt and pepper. Also have a few scraps of country ham that will go in for some flavor. They should be done by the time I get back from the office this afternoon. Then it will be a nice pan of buttermilk cornbread and a chance to try some of that home canned chowchow I purchased at the Turning and Burning last weekend. I can hardly wait.

More action here this afternoon just checking in for now.

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