Friday, October 20, 2006

Puzzling Mates

Atrios reminds us of something that many tend to forget. It is easy to forget the fundamentals when so much righteous shit is coming down the pipe that you can't catch a breath without a mouth/earful of crap. Never hesitate to remind the Bush supporter you may meet that, by definition, Bush and Cheney and all their minions from Hell are terrorists of the worst type. At least Osama is up front about what his goals and true mission is. Bush and the GOP can only succeed in staying in power if the can continue to keep enough Americans afraid of the Islamic beast. It is the same tool used by tyrants since the beginning. Here is the nutshell of a thought from Duncan that you can keep in your arsenal of "elevator" talk for the occasional cretin who still thinks that they should vote for the Republicans.
The point of terrorism is, as the name suggests, to terrorize. Not simply to kill and destroy, but to frighten the broader population. It puzzles me why the RNC has found common cause with terrorists in their new ad campaign, and it puzzles me more why they want to highlight the fact that over 5 years after 9/11 George Bush has failed to catch the guy responsible.
I guess an Amen! is in order.

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