Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Losing Our Souls

I'm sorry I have to post these things but it is important that this information is inserted into the WWW at full volume and that means multiple posts on multiple blogs. This is so absolutely depressing and frustrating.
First, the Army announces it is planning to keep a force of 120,000 in Iraq for the next four years. That's 2010 folks.

Couple this bad news with the continuing horror that is coming out of Iraq on a daily basis and it all synergizes into a terrible nightmare. In the last 24 hours 110 bodies that have been tortured and then murdered were found in Bagdhad. Couple this with the dozens killed in bombings in the last two days and you are just dumbfounded.

Now we have a report in Lancet that the U.S. invasion of Iraq has been the cause of around 600,000 additional deaths of civilians in Iraq over what the normal mortality would have been.

This flood of bad news is numbing and when we hear it day in and day out it desensitizes us to the horrible reality that is Iraq today and that we as Americans are wholly and completely responsible for. Regardless of whether or not you voted for Bush, if you consider yourself an American then, I'm sorry, but you broke it and you own it. If you stop and consider it soberly you cannot but be devastated emotionally.

If there is a higher being then I hope she is merciful.

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