Friday, October 06, 2006

Not all Bad

Monk is snug at home in Altanta. Uneventful travel for a change. I was reading in the USA Today rag this morning that August was the worst month for airline baggage handling in history with an average of 14,000 bags misplaced a day. I am the proud owner of two of those.
In a previous post I might have maligned the culinary environment in Dyersburg, TN with my less that positive review/warning about the Catfish Galley. I must say that the burg renewed my confidence in my fellow man last night as we tried a new place "Dusty Joe's". I was very impressed and trust me, I am one cranky/pickly SOB.
Anyhow, Dusty's had a nice balanced menu with several choices from the different fauna that are normally killed and eaten by us humans, they even had frog's legs. Bottom line is the food was good and the fish was fresh and the fried pickles and lovely japepeno appetite.

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