Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday Adventure

The first of what is to be 5 or 6 Trader Joe's opened up just a few miles from Monk Manor the other day and today Madam and I ventured to check it out. I have been in the Trader Joe's in Mountain View a couple of times looking for organic yogurt but never really spent any time there. Not much in the way of regular food but lots of goodies. The place was packed with people since the AJC did an article in this morning's paper about the opening and everyone was curious to see what it was all about.

I bought some nuts that were reasonably priced and found that they have the old fashioned peanuts (blister nuts) which are nice and crunchy but very hard to find anymore. The blisters come from the initial soak the peanuts get in boiling water to remove the skins before they are deep fried. The outside of the nut gets tiny blisters which add a lot of crunch. These are very good. Because of some of the strange liquor laws in Georgia they aren't carrying wine yet so I couldn't get a bottle or two of "Two Dollar Chuck" they are famous for to try but they say they will have it in the next month or so.

They have a lot of stuff you won't find in the regular stores like Sembei (rice crackers) and they seem to have a nice selection of dried fruit as well. I will go back when I am looking for interesting stuff. I couldn't get down the frozen food aisle and I understand some of their prepared and frozen stuff is super. That will get a review when some of the newness and crowds wear off.

Tonight is the annual Mayor's BBQ. Each year the Mayor picks a local charity which receives all the proceeds from the tickets sold for the BBQ. Our Mayor lives on a fairly large wooded track in a log cabin. His mother has a newer house nearby and that is where the BBQ is held. It is usually a good event and we'll see some people that we only see at these kinds of things. The weather has turned beautiful but somewhat cool and it will be perfect for an evening in the woods eating some pig meat and drinking some wine.

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