Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hump Day In More Ways Than One

Raining cats and gods here in Atlanta and has been since early morning. Just as well since I have been head down all morning writing up the results of the trip to Danville, IL Monday and Tuesday. Haven't had time to do the daily blogaround or pretty much anything else.

For you techies I did take a few minutes this morning and switch my laptop over to use the SSL VPN and disabled the old one. Seems cool so far. I also had to switch Outlook over to SSL from RPC and so far that is ok as well. Sometimes these leaps of technology are tricky and consume hours and hours of time to get working...if at all. An example being the wireless NIC on my other desktop which is still causing the black screen of death.

Another couple of hours of actual work and I will be able to take a breather and scoot around and see what everyone is up to. Just taking a quick lunch and tea break right now.


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