Friday, November 24, 2006

Out Of Control

Out of control
Worshippers, mosques torched

Worshippers, mosques torched

  • Sunni men burned to death leaving a mosque
  • Gunmen attack Sunni mosques and homes
  • Two reported wounded from U.S. helicopter gunfire
  • White House calls Sadr City attacks "senseless"
This is the lead on the CNN web site right now. You'll read the stories soon enough but the bottom line is that Iraq is rapidly spiraling down the civil war toilet. Presumably in response to yesterday's bombing that killed as many as 22o in the Sadr neighborhood of Baghdad a group of Shiite men grabbed some Sunni leaving worship and doused with them petrol and lit them afire right in the plain view of Iraqi police.
Note the last bullet....What's senseless is this whole damn war, that's what's senseless.

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