Monday, November 27, 2006

Technical Troubles

It always seems to run in cycles. My best laid plans for the day went far astray and I spent virtually all day trying to solve what turned out to be a very simple problem. Just in case any of you reading this have an opportunity to work with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 this is a free tip. If you are using applications or converting databases that were on SQL 2000 try changing the compatibility mode in SQL 2005 to SQL 2000. There appear to be some "features" in 2005 that are not supported in apps that were developed to use SQL 2000. I spent 4 hours today discovering this fact.

Second, it appears my profile in Firefox on the home computer is not healthy. I don't know what happened to it but it is the reason I don't see all of the blogroll on the fallenmonk page. IE and other Firefox implementations (my laptop) work fine and I see the whole blogroll. I can start Firefox from the command line with the -P option and create a new profile and everything is fine only all of the bookmarks are missing. I really hate these days when the tech Gods are feeling frisky.

Anyhow, I can at least now see my homepage as it should be though it appears I have some template problems. In my troubleshooting today I discovered a tool on Firefox that lists the problems with the page you are viewing (Tools/Error Console) so I obviously need to take some time on the template. With the new Blogger beta there are some options to create a new beta compatible template that will support all the new features but I hesitate to jump off that pier for fear of losing what I have...if I disappear for awhile you will know I took the dive.

So here we are at 10pm and bruised and battered by the complications of technology and absolutely no energy to spend in my regular blog cruising. There is some good news though... the last of the turkey was consumed tonight for dinner. PTL!

UPDATE: It now appears that Haloscan is Tango Uniform again. It's one of those days.

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