Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Post Partisan Depression

I think I am having a bout with Post Partisan Depression. Now that we have finished the long slog to the election and chewed our nails down to the quick. Now that we have railed and railed against the GOP and the need for change. Now that we have endured 6 long and painful years waiting for change. Now we have to wait until next January!

What will we do until then? It is kind of cruel and certainly not in my temperament to kick a man when he's down. So now we just wait. Oh sure, there will be little moments of glee such as today when Rummy bailed and we can look forward to a few more indictments and maybe Libby's trial but these will be hard pressed to measure up to the relief we saw this morning.

We can always look forward to watching Bush and boys squirm and dissemble like puppies trying to cover up their mess on the floor. They will continue to amuse us as they try and make nice and pretend that they will change their spots and work with the opposition on moving America forward but I have my doubts that they can make the leap.

There are two holidays for some to look forward to but both have devolved to such a point that they really aren't such a rush as I remember from times gone by.

I guess I'll just have to be patient and try and hold on to my excitement for as long as I can but January seems a long way off.

Is anyone else feeling like this or am I alone? Have I become a victim of today's society and the constant need for more, more, more and instant gratification? Maybe so.

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